Rastafari Roots, Rhythms, Reasonings

(Tour Only)
Adults: $35 USD; Children ages 6-11: $19 USD
(Tour + Ital (Vegan) Meal)
Adults: $44 USD; Children: $25 USD
Local school groups: JAD 600.00 per student
International school groups: $25 USD per student

From the moment we meet you at Montego Bay Gardens, you'll know this is a special place. A space we have created to connect you to Rastafari, to make universal human connections. A 'tool' to preserve and protect our Rastafari culture of humanity. As we journey together across the River and through the bamboo glade, your senses will tune into the energy of water, air, living things. Savor coconut water served in a calabash bowl when you arrive at Rasta-Village.
After learning about Rastafari philosophy and liberty in the Big Hut, you're invited to meet and talk with community members in their different cottage enterprises. Queen Bee supports her family by making soap from coconut oil and natural herbs. King Toto creates and plays handmade drums in the tradition of the ancestors of the Congo, West Africa. Iziniger fashions jewelry and adornments from natural seeds and beads. King Tebah makes stunning visual art from the environment using calabash, wood, straw. First Man nurtures the organic permaculture medicinal herb farm. Our time together ends, for today, with an interactive spiritual drumming session with community members. You depart enriched, renewed, and engaged with life. 

Community experience offered by Rastafari Indigenous Village.