Overnight at Ambassabeth Ecolodge

Single Person Cabin: $80 USD
Two Person Cabin: $80-110 USD
Three Person Cabin: $110 USD
Seven Person Cabin: $15 USD
Custom programs are available.

Escape from the crowds and get immersed in local culture and community at Ambassabeth Ecolodge, hidden deep in the heart of the beautiful Rio Grande Valley. Experience authentic rural life, trying your hand at traditional skills such as harvesting of crayfish or ‘janga’. Eat tasty Jamaican foods such as run-down, jerk, or maybe even wild boar if you are lucky. Hike the historic 500-year old Cunha Cunha Pass Trail following the footsteps of famous Maroon ancestors such as Queen Nanny. 
Friendly local guides share stories about how to use medicinal herbs and Maroon farming heritage. Knowledgeable about local biodiversity, they’ll teach you about and help you look for the Giant Swallowtail Buttery and the Coney, two endemic species Ambassabeth actively works to conserve. If you choose to spend the night, be lulled to sleep by the caressing trade winds and wake to the majestic beauty of the Blue and John Crow Mountains.

Community experience offered by Ambassabeth Ecolodge.

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