Maroon for a Moment at Yankunku Prandes

Adults: $15 USD

Children: $8 USD

Optional Add-ons:

Lunch A:$15 C:$8

Drum class: A:$15 C:$8

Historical site hike: A:$15 C:$8

Herb tour 30 min: A:$8 C:$4

Cabin stay w/breakfast: $45 per person

Get a real and close up view of Jamaica's heritage and traditions with the Charles Town Maroons. Feel welcome in the living space our community has created for sharing the history and culture of the Maroons. Get a full understanding of what our Maroon ancestors had to go through and why they lived under the banner "freedom or death".
Hear stories of their struggles and ways of resistance and survival, including camouflage and guerilla warfare. In the museum, learn about Maroon politics, treaties, and heroes. Touch artifacts from the days of slavery and compare them with things we still use today. Join us in Asafu Yard, our sacred meeting space, for an interactive firsthand experience with how Maroons express ourselves through songs, drumming, dancing, food, and craft. Hear and touch the Abeng, a bugle-type instrument used for communication by Maroon warriors and still used to summon community members today. Try your hand at playing the Gombeh drum and dancing the Kromante dance. Eat tasty Maroon food from a calabash or gourd. Experience being a Maroon for a Moment!

Community experience offered by Charles Town Maroons.