Hiking the Rio Grande Valley

Trail Guide (1-10 Persons) $80-125 USD / $9,000-13,000JM (depends on trail & length of hike). Trail fee (per person): $5 (non commissionable)
Meals: Breakfast: $10 USD Lunch $13 USD Dinner $15-$25 USD

From our lodge nestled in the Rio Grande Valley between the Blue and John Crow Mountains, our local guides can arrange a day hike suited to your interest and level of difficulty. Our local guides share stories about how to use medicinal herbs and Maroon farming heritage. Knowledgeable about local biodiversity, they’ll teach you about and help you look for the Giant Swallowtail Buttery and the Coney, two endemic species Ambassabeth actively works to conserve.

Our guides can help pick the perfect route for your group, depending on what you want to see and the level of difficulty you are comfortable with. Some options are:

  • Hike the historic 500-year old Cunha Cunha Pass Trail following the footsteps of famous Maroon ancestors such as Queen Nanny.

  • Hike to a nearby waterfall for a refreshing dip in a lazy river 

  • Visit the Giant Swallowtail Buttery Sanctuary to find this iconic Jamaican species

Community experience offered by Ambassabeth Ecolodge.