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Guided Nature Trail Hikes at Holywell

Group size: 1-15, from Mavis Bank / Jacob's Ladder Trailheads:
International Visitors
2 persons US$105 / US$80
3-4 persons US$90 / US$70
5-10 persons US$75 / US$55
11-15 persons US$60 / US$45
Jamaican Visitors:
2 persons J$9,000 / J$5,000
3-4 persons J$7,500 / J$4,000
5-10 persons J$6,000 / J$3,000
11-15 persons J$4,500 / J$2,000

Challenge your fitness on the stunning hike to the Blue Mountain Peak. Journey up through the cool, misty forests of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hike over a ridge, across boulders and shimmy up with the help of ropes to the dramatic view from the peak, the highest point in Jamaica.

​Community experience offered by Jamaican Conservation and Development Trust.

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