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Blue Mountain Peak Trail Adventure

Group size: 1-15, from Mavis Bank / Jacob's Ladder Trailheads:
International Visitors
2 persons US$105 / US$80
3-4 persons US$90 / US$70
5-10 persons US$75 / US$55
11-15 persons US$60 / US$45
Jamaican Visitors:
2 persons J$9,000 / J$5,000
3-4 persons J$7,500 / J$4,000
5-10 persons J$6,000 / J$3,000
11-15 persons J$4,500 / J$2,000

Are you up for a challenging and amazing wilderness experience? Join one of our knowledgeable local guides to hike to the Blue Mountain Peak on the centuries-old world-famous trail that is only one person wide in some places. From the trailhead at Abbey Green, the intense 4+ hour hike takes you up 9.3 km to the summit at 2,256 m (7,401 ft).  

Begin by walking on a wide trail through Blue Mountain Coffee farms, the section is known as “Jacob’s Ladder”. Wind through thick, old-growth, primary cloud forest on the way to the last rest stop at Portland Gap, where cabin accommodation is available. From there, climb about 600 meters (1,900 feet) through towering trees dripping with moss and other epiphytes to reach the Peak. Higher up, feel the temperature drop and walk through Elfin forest, where trees and shrubs are stunted and gnarled from exposure. Along the way, look for the many endemic or unique plants and animals including the endangered Jamaican Blackbird. 

Congratulate yourself as you enjoy the dramatic view from the Peak, the apex of the most challenging and rewarding hike in Jamaica!

​Community experience offered by Jamaican Conservation and Development Trust.