Roasting Coffee

Blue Mountain Coffee Experience

Group size: (2-14)
International Visitors:
2 Adults: $39 USD
3-10 Adults: $30 USD
Jamaican Visitors
2 Adults: $2,600 JM
3-10 Adults: $2,000 JM

The journey of your senses begins with dramatic views of Kingston and the cool mountain air at Holywell Park, followed by a refreshing short walk on a lush path. Cross a river on stones and ascend up a steep incline through more coffee and local plants to the Old Tavern Coffee Estate.

Run by David, son of the late, great coffee farmer Alex Twyman, the estate is well known for producing superb Blue Mountain coffee, Enjoy stunning views of the rugged mountains and green valleys from the sitting room of the family cottage perched on the north side of the mountains at altitude 4,000 ft.

Relax and savor one of three different roasts of coffee while learning more about coffee cultivation. You may also show your appreciation for a wonderful day, and your great taste, by purchasing some gourmet Blue Mountain Coffee.

Community experience offered by Jamaican Conservation and Development Trust.