Bird Watching in the Green Heart of Jamaica

$65 USD

With one of our local guides, you trek in the crisp early morning to the best birding sites in Cockpit Country. Engulfed by the canopy shrouded in mist and dew, pass by leafy shrubs listening to the sound of the chirping birds as they awaken for a new day and prepare for their first meal.
In quiet elegance, bird species appear on the limbs of the towering trees in the wet limestone forest. On tiptoe, you take the best sighting position and await the display of plumage and the musical chirping that help to identify the species. You can hardly contain your excitement, punching the fresh air in silence to show the joy of spotting another Jamaican endemic. In quiet tones, the guide provides supporting identification information and anecdotes.
The trek continues and the curiosity builds as you wonder which species will you encounter next. Oh, what a morning! 

Guests are advised to bring along insect repellent or wear trousers and shirts covering the legs and arms. They should bring binoculars and bird books if they have them too. Water and snacks are recommended.

Community experience offered by Cockpit Country Adventure Tours.

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