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Blue and John Crow Mountain Bird Watching Tour

Group Size: (1- 6 maximum)
International visitor: $85 USD
Local visitor: $12,000 JM

Discover a UNESCO World Heritage site, made up of two large mountain ranges, both of which are designated Important Bird Areas The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park is the only location where all 29 of Jamaica’s unique or endemic bird species are found, among over 100 species. It is also one of the largest migratory bird sites in the Caribbean.

We will explore the trails in and around Holywell Recreation Area amidst the rich, lush ora and fauna of the cloud forest. It is one of few places you are likely to see the Jamaican Blackbird (an endangered endemic) and the Blue Mountain Vireo. We will also look for the Mountain Witch a beautiful but secretive dove.

What makes the Blue and John Crow Mountains a special place for birding is the combination of endemic and migratory species, such as Northern Parula and Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Southern migrants come from March to September and northern ones come from October to April, the best months for birding in the park.

Our bird watching tours take place in and around Holywell and begin at 6 a.m.

Community experience offered by Jamaican Conservation and Development Trust.